Sunday, April 3, 2011

Who Are the Gun Rights Activists?

Farago posted a photo and story about Tom Selleck, apparently a big gun lover. Here's my comment.

I did want to say that it's refreshing to see that you've got a celebrity or two on your side. Of course you can't count the new generation of rappers and such, they don't inspire much responsible gun handling. But of the genuine celebrities, they're few and far between.

Same goes for academic people, university professors, and I suppose any other group of educated, intelligent people. Lawyers and doctors, for the most part want nothing to do with guns. Even politicians, who are often lawyers or otherwise educated, would almost all be against guns except for their needing to please the constituents.

And who exactly are those constituents? What exactly is your demographic? From which groups do you come? I realize it sounds terribly elitist, and I'm sure I'll be attacked viciously for it, but among the upper strata of American society, you guys draw very few. Think about it.
What's your opinion? Who actually makes up the rank and file of gun enthusiasts in America?

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  1. I found the not-so creative nor bright Brad Kozak's response to you rather funny.

    Kozak pointed out that elites throughout history have not always been right. This is true to a certain extent but it ignores the very real fact elites being mistaken is the exception, not the rule.

    Does Kozak seriously wish to argue that lawyers and doctors and law enforcement officials are all wrong but that a male model is right? Does big brain Brad really wish to pit his 'intellectuals'--Mike Vandebroegh and Mary Rosh against educators, lawyers, health professionals, etc?

  2. I think it's clear that the gun-rights movement is made up, for the most part, of people from the lower strata of society. Frank Zappa wrote a song called "You're gonna wind up workin' in a gas station," which employs an old cliche' used to describe this very thing. Some people are destined to work in gas stations and others to teach pre-med at the University level. It's the former group which populates the rank and file of the pro-gun movement.

    1. Lol this is a funny comment mike.

      So your saying pro gun people, are all stupid. Is BASICALLY what your summing up in that whole comment.

      I don't even know where to start with that to be honest.

      There are plenty of highly educated, and well respected members of society that own guns. I even bet their are surgeon, and professors who conceal carry! (not at school obviously). You would be surprised at what kind of people you find owning guns.

      Really narrow minded to just say anyone pro gun is "destined to work in a gas station" ....might be the dumbest thing i have seen you say on this site.

    2. I guess you could put it that way, Anonymous. I was thinking abou this today while reading about the gun on campus controversy. People involved in higher education are almost all against guns on campus.