Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Sigourney, Iowa - 2 Dead

The Des Moines Register has the details.

Stein, Sheriff Jeff Shipley and Deputy Casey Hinnah approached the home of Jeffrey Alan Krier, 53, near Sigourney shortly before noon Monday, officials said. When they arrived, Krier opened fire. Stein was hit and died of his wounds at the scene. Shipley and Hannah were unhurt.

A review of online court records of Krier discloses a violent history going back as far as 1996 when he was charged with stalking, carrying illegal weapons, driving with a suspended license and possession of a controlled substance. Records show that Krier was acquitted in 1997 by reason of insanity after undergoing a psychiatric evaluation at the Iowa state mental hospital in Independence.

Records also show that he was convicted in 1999 of assault on a police officer and served a 90-day jail sentence.
What's Krier sound like to you, a dangerous criminal or a typical gun owner? The pro-gun argument usually includes a dilineation between themselves and the criminals, which works pretty well when you're talking about crack dealers and inner-city gangbangers. But this was just a country boy who owned guns and didn't much care for the cops coming to knock at his door. In my book, that makes him all too representative of the gun owners of America who are fuelled in thier paranoia by extreme talk and exaggerated rhetoric.

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  1. Lets see some very important parts of the article....

    "The last time an Iowa law officer died by gunfire while on duty was in 1985."

    26 years in such a lawless state.... they have concealed carry...... the horrors....

    Please don't forget the best part....

    About three hours later, after a standoff, Krier exited his home armed with weapons, was shot by an Iowa State Patrol tactical unit and died at the scene, officials said. Authorities did not say what weapons Krier had or whether he threatened other officers.

    Mr ambush thought he was a big man......

  2. The family also tried to have Krier committed last month, but could not get a court to consent.

    In fact, he was hospitalized in March for seven days.

    but they couldn't take away his guns....

    Aw shoot.

  3. The Krier case is a persect illustrationof failure on the part of gun control laws. They need to be more stringent in order to disarm the dangerous characters. I don't know why the first anonymous commenter would have a problem with that. People who are on the up-and-up would not be affected.