Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Bottom Line According to Mr. G

The bottom line is this, as long as America has the Second Amendment Right for it's citizens,we will continue to be a free country. If we let the UN go forward with their global disarmament policy, then America will become just another third world hell hole.
What could be simpler or more obvious than that, right?  Well, unfortunately it's not quite that simple, and I suspect Mr. G knows that.

We've referred to this graph before, which I suppose is similar to the one referred to in the misleading post we're quoting from. The United States is the ONLY 1st-world, developed country in the top 20. (I guess you could debate Portugal).

Who would possibly think a valid conclusion could be drawn by comparing the "Leader of the Free World" with a bunch of backward, unstable shit-hole countries like that?

I'll tell you who, someone with a biased point of view to justify.

Please notice I put "Leader of the Free World" in quotation marks.  In Mr. G's quote I would have used them on "will continue to be a free country," too.  Gun availability in America militates against its being "a free country."  More and more, ordinary citizens are constrained by law to walk among armed men while doing their shopping or taking the kids to school.  These are men are generally inadequately trained and unfit to make the life-and-death decisions that can occur for those who carry guns. That's not freedom.

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  1. Mike B, here's a link to a discussion we were having on another Liberal blog a month or so ago;

    We're never going to agree on this issue. I believe the Second Amendment IS my gun permit. But I also believe that firearm safety and proper use and care should be taught in high school to both boys and girls. It would give students self confidence and discipline. (Shooting is a very popular sport, both target and clay or skeet.)

    And if you think about it, the United States has perhaps the largest standing Army in the World,with four million or so people who own firearms in America.


  2. You're free to believe the earth is flat and that lizards live in the center of the earth.

    That and $2.28 will buy you a large coffee at Starbucks.

  3. Tried Starbucks one time...just like Liberal Social programs...too much money for an inferior product.

    Oh yeah...nice debate there toots. ;)

  4. Mike, I'm curious where your "4 million gun owners" comes from. I've seen you mention that a couple times now. Where did you get that figure. It's a serious question, I'm not trying to pull a gotcha.

  5. Mike B, evidently your blog doesn't like links inserted in comments. My comment just received some kind of error message for the second time.

    To your question...I was just counting the number of licensed hunters across America. In reality, if you do a search on "number of gun owners in America", several links come up that state that there are probably somewhere around 50 to 80 Million gun owners in The United States. With most owning more than one gun, that's something like 300 Million guns?

    Hope that answered your question. Obviously, I had low balled the number, eh?

    Have a good one, Mike

  6. Thanks, Mike. I'm not used to pro-gun commenters low-balling anything.

    I often hear the 80 million figure as if everyone of them is in unified agreement with whatevery argument was being put forth.

    So, when you're talking, you're only talking about hunters?