Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Body Armor, Fitness and the Fantasy

Robert picked up on my post about "why no body armor?," and posted it on The Truth About Guns.  A wonderful discussion was enjoyed by all, within which someone mentioned staying fit.  Here's my comment to that.

The question “why don’t more gun owners stay fit,” is a bit different than “why don’t more gun owners wear body armor.” But, the reasons why might be the same. 

My idea is that since you guys are paranoid enough to carry guns when you don’t need them and take bizarre precautions to protect your homes, why not wear a vest at all times. The same logic applies. One bullet in the stomach or chest and you’re probably out of action and useless to protect yourself or your loved ones. As rare as that possibility is, the downside is so great, you need to do it. But you don’t. The reason is the fantasy. It just doesn’t include anything like taking a bullet in the vest and surviving to respond. It’s not a part of that Hollywood-inspired fantasy you all dwell in.

Staying fit is hard work and time consuming. Everyone knows he should do it, but few do. It’s laziness and maybe a type of false optimism that the heart attack and the clogged arteries won’t happen to me. But, above all, what enables so many gun owners to let themselves go so badly, the stereotype exists for a reason, is the fantasy. It’s the same fantasy in which running for your life or even running after a bad guy who’s getting away is not part of the scene you guys have in your heads. 

Drawing the gun real fast, that’s part of it. Shooting and moving and shooting at another target and reloading to shoot some more, that’s all part of it. It’s the bang, man. Shooting those “bone cracker” .500s, that’s part of it, and automatic weapons, too. If you live up near Joe Huffman, it’s blowing shit up. But, staying fit doesn’t matter.
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  1. One has to understand gunloons are life's losers; they are most usually failures in their professional and social lives. Thus, it's not difficult to understand that gunloons lack the discipline or drive to maintain a modicum of fitness.

    After all, staying fit is hard. One can't walk into a gym and emerge an hour later as an athlete. Further, even if one invests significant amounts of time to working out and adheres to a healthy diet, it doesn't guarantee that you'll become an elite athlete.

    OTOH, anyone can walk into a gun show, buy a gun and emerge 5 min. later with the ability to kill. Further, since there are no standards associated with gunloonery--one can proclaim themselves to be the World's Greatest gunslinger or foremost gun authority. It's not like fitness where you fake your way into benching 300 lbs or running a 5 min. mile.

  2. Right grandma should be required to stave off an assault on her wellbeing comited by a 18-20yo thug,

    "go to the gym grannie, work that circuit 15 more minutes on the stairmaster, thugs beware!!!!!"

    Eff you and the socialist crowd you hang with you cum gurgling asshat....

  3. Anonymous, Are you really worried about "grandma?" I doubt it. You're probably concerned about your own continued ability to own guns, like so many other gun-rights loudmouths who keep talking about protecting their families but don't even spend all that much time with them.

  4. Well mike it is obvious that you are only concerned about the strong being able to victimize the weak, keep up the good good work, I'm sure all the....
    Victimized women....
    Deserve to get taken advantge of... since they don't go to the gym....
    Keep that in mind when some thug beats the crap out of your mother, she deserved it since she was not in shape enough to defend herself....

  5. Anonymous, The weak are preying on the strong because it's so easy for them to get guns. They prey on other weak ones too. Is that what you support. Fewer gun laws allow the bad-intentioned among us can get guns.

  6. Just like this weak little thug who was preying on this strong mother of 3!!!!


    So she should have waited for the police to show up and body-bag her and her kids..... because neither of them should have had guns right yet she was a law abiding gun owner and she kill a criminal aggressor.....

  7. Thanks for that good story in New Orleans. The point is though, we don't need to make it easier for everyone accross the board to get guns in order to ensure that good people who need them can get them. On the contrary, we need to do everything we can to restrict guns to only the good guys. What could you possibly find wrong with that?

  8. The point is that she is an existing lawful gun owner and not a criminal. (....that you say "all" lawful gun owners are just itching to become)

  9. I do not "say "all" lawful gun owners are just itching to become" anything.

    Why do you have to exaggerate what I say, isn't what I actually do say enough for you to argue with?