Thursday, April 7, 2011

Greed is Good

Here's a wonderfully refreshing look at the good some of the richest Americans have done with their wealth. Some of our favorite guys are there, did you notice?

Did you realize that Michael Bloomberg was richer than George Soros?


  1. And MB is a bigger gun grabbing douchebag that Soros..... go figure.

  2. Bloomberg and Soros are both great men. You're just a one-trick pony, my friend. If someone is for gun control, they're a douchbag. You ought to open you mind. There's a big world out there.

  3. Wow Great men (could you kiss their asses a little more, like the good little statist monkey?)who have money and want to disarm the average American, because they have the money to try to try and inflict their will on the law abiding.

    Got to give it to ya, ya got one thing right "gun controllers" are douche-bags.....

  4. Anonymous, for one who doesn't have the balls to use his real sign-in name when posting over here, you sure have some strong opinions.

    Describing gun control folks as wanting to "disarm the average American" is wrong though. Gun control folks mainly want background checks on all gun sales. You translate that into statism and gun bans and get all huffy.