Monday, April 4, 2011

The Taking of Pelham 123

I found this movie to be a wonderful remake of the 1974 original. Its fast-paced action made for a thoroughly enjoyable time. The scene in which Denzel Washington's character is forced to admit that he had taken a bribe, for which he was being investigated, was one of the best. But, there was another impressive scene that caught my attention.

As the tension was building, police sharpshooters had taken up position in the subway tunnel. Their orders were to stand down and await further orders. One of them had a hijacker in his sights when a rat bit him on the leg causing him to fire his rifle, killing the bad guy "accidentally," and causing a firefight which neither side wanted to engage in. Obviously his finger had been on the trigger.

Is that standard operating procedure for snipers? Or is that sloppy irresponsible gun handling? What's your opinion?

I say it's the second one. It violates the 4th of the 4 Rules of Gun Safety, and merits nothing less than
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  1. It's a movie. Rats don't bite people.

  2. The point was not the rat biting a human, the point was the finger on the trigger.