Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Cathedral City, California - 2 Dead 2 Wounded

The police said it was not gang related, but rather a dispute between recent residents of the neighborhood and those who'd lived there for many years. One thing for sure is there were plenty of guns to go around.

Basically what happened is this.  The Cordoza brothers, who were the new arrivals to the neighborhood, went into a party and shot up the joint, killing one and seriously injuring two.  As they were walking home, some guys from the party got in the car and went after them.  They ran the Cordozas down and shot both of them killing one, before speeding off.  The surviving Cordoza brother will be charged with murder when he recovers from his injuries.

Now, I only have one question.  Do you think the guns used in this horrible incident were manufactured in someone's basement illegally?  Or do you think they started out legally owned and somehow ended up in the hands of these gangsters?

I think it's the second, in spite of Zorroy's insistence that such homemade guns are available.  I figure the guns were bought in a gun show in Nevada or through a straw purchase in San Bernadino, something like that. That's why we need stricter gun control laws, and that's why, to the never-ending whining of the pro-gun crowd, those laws need to be focused on the law abiding gun owners and gun sellers.

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