Thursday, April 7, 2011

Murder on Alabama College Campus

Thomas Franklin May III

One person was killed and four others injured in a shooting at the Southern Union State Community College in eastern Alabama Wednesday afternoon, the Opelika Police said.

Three hours later, Thomas Franklin May III walked up to reporters who were covering the story and calmly said he was the man police were after. Within minutes, May was arrested.

He has been charged with capital murder and attempted murder and is being held without bond, according to authorities. 
What do you think? Should Alabama continue striving to loosen up their already lax gun laws? Is that the answer?

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  1. Places where absolutely ''no guns'' are allowed turn into a shooting ground for people like this.

    Where you have it wrong mike is wanting to limit guns, is if more people had guns, he would have hurt less people. Criminals will get a hold of guns regardless of the law.

    If i had a gun, and say two other random people had a gun that day. And he starting shooting, at least one of us would have taken him down.

    Then perhaps maybe he gets 1 person killed, but doesn't ijure the other 4? any number of scenarios could happen in that case, but most assuredly he wouldn't have a free shooting gallery with helpless people.

    Disarming law abiding citizens just makes criminals jobs that much easier. You really don't see that mike?

  2. "Places where absolutely ''no guns'' are allowed turn into a shooting ground for people like this."

    What you mean is they CAN turn into shooting grounds. But they rarely do. Look at the stats, man. You guys are quick to tell me how few kids get shot with guns compared to ALL the kids or ALL the guns. Doesn't that work in reverse with the school shootings?

    My point is not that they happen that often, but that they happen too often, and they're largely preventable.