Monday, April 4, 2011

The One and Only Pastor Terry

All the more reason why Florida wears the crown.

What's your opinion?  Is this guy a national disgrace, or what?

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  1. Another piece of shit Liar for JESUS.

    I wish that this qualified as news.

    Jones was going to do the exact same thing, burning a Quran, sometime last year, IIRC.

    I think that a lake of flaming feces would be an ideal retirement community for Jones and like-minded religiotards. Or, I would think that, if I believed any of that skyfairy nonsense.

  2. I say we send him to Afghanistan so they can deal with him there.

  3. demo, if you are such a Godless Commie, why do you care if he burns a skyfairy book?

  4. Anonymous:

    I don't care if he burns ALL of them. My caring or not caring doesn't make what he's doing any more or less reprehensible. He's a fucking hypocrite and a GODbot, howsabout you?

    What I care about is that he's a grandstanding asswipe who thinks his gettin' major wood for the Redeemer is more important than the safety of the victims of the people that his dumbass stunt enrages.

  5. I think you've got him pegged, democommie. He's a real American Original.

  6. So demo - you condemn people that desecrate the Bible or other Christian religious icons the same as you condemn this man? I mean we all know Christains are some of the most violent people in history so we would not want to enrage them right?

    What about those that burn the flag? That could enrage some of our military people and as we have seen in Afghanistan, some of them can be cold blooded killers.

    I would think since Islam is a religion of peace, then burning the Koran would be less likely to enrage someone as compared to the Christians or American military.

  7. Anonymous:

    Reading comprehension fail. Are you in the AP class for teh burning stoopit?

    I already said I don't give a shit if he burns ALL the religioporn.

    Of course if he started burning bibles it prolly wouldn't take long for a GODLY warrior to settle his hash.

  8. Let me rephrase my question:

    "What I care about is that he's a grandstanding asswipe who thinks his gettin' major wood for the Redeemer is more important than the safety of the victims of the people that his dumbass stunt enrages."

    Do you also care about others in the same way that do things such as burning the flag or desecrating a bible that could enrage people like this guy has?

  9. I will as soon as it happens.

    You seem to be confusing moral culpability with the legal variety.

  10. "I think that a lake of flaming feces would be an ideal retirement community for Jones and like-minded religiotards."

    So if rhetoric like this upset Mr. Jones and he decided to kill a bunch of people, then you would feel responsible for those deaths? Or would you blame the "religiotards" that actually committed the crimes?

  11. Oh, now I get it. Anonymous is fighting for that old individual responsibility thing. Only the criminal is responsible for his crime.

    How about this? The murderers of those soldiers are 100% responsible for those murders. And Pastor Terry is 100% responsible for doing some stupid shit that helped motivate the killers. We just need to make "doing some stupid shit" a crime.

    But aside from the letter of the law, is he morally guilty or not?

  12. Jones is not guilty of any crime under current U.S. law (and I hope that the law does not change). He's a piece of shit. If he's offended by what I have to say and he wants a piece of me, he can lay some imprecatory prayer on me or haul his skinny ass up to where I live.

    He's a publicity hound and it's pretty clear that he had been told by a number of people that his action of burning the book would create a cause celebre for the other religion's fundidiots.

  13. mikeb - everytime you insult gun owners do you wonder if you are providing them with "motivation" to go out and commit a crime? Would that count as a "doing some stupid shit" violation on your part?

  14. Gee, anonymikey that sounds a bit like a threat. Not that ANY responsible gun owner (one not yet convicted of committing a crime or having an "accident" with his gun) would do such a thing.

  15. demo - I am trying to understand what Mikeb considers to be "motivation" that would constitute a crime in his kingdom. I don't even own a gun, so I am not a gun owner or threatening to use gun violence against Mikeb.

    I am trying to understand when you and Mike hold other people accountable for inciting the actions of others. It seems to be a blurry line as both of you (more you Demo than Mike) along with Jadegold seem to enjoy insulting gun owners. To me that seems to be a potential motivating factor for a gun owner to go out and commit an act of gun violence. I mean nobody likes to be insulted, and we all know gun owners are particularly prone to commiting acts of gun violence right? So when you call someone a "piece of shit liar for JESUS," I could see an unstable gun owner getting upset about that. Now he may not take it out on you, he may instead lash out at a nearby innocent person less capable of defending themselves (gun owners are typically cowards as we all know). So, by the statements made here by you and Mikeb, are you morally responsible for this violence that you potentially motivated? Would Mikeb have you locked up for "doing some stupid shit that helped motivate the killers?"

    It seems you place moral blame on Mr. Terry for him inciting people in the Middle East to commit acts of violence against inoccent third parties. I was just wondering how far you took that attitude.

  16. Anonymous. Burning the Koran is "some stupid shit" that could and has motivated people to violence. My pointing out that some gun owners are dangerous and irresponsible and that gun control laws are inadequate does not count for "some stupid shit" which could motivate someone to violence.