Wednesday, April 6, 2011

What Gun Control Folks Want

Joe Huffman posted a little story about a sorority which raised money for the Brady Campaign. It, and some of the predictable comments, inspired me to comment like this.

It's not enough for gun control advocates to not buy guns themselves. The whole point is to prevent others who are unfit to responsibly handle gun ownership to not be able to buy them. Why do you guys always morph that into taking your rights away? It's nothing of the sort. Most gun control folks, myself included, have no problem with lawful and responsible gun ownership. I realize you object to the government deciding who qualifies, but how the hell else can we do it. You've not been doing too good a job policing yourselves and keeping all those guns among the law abiding. With your lax gun laws and your wrong-headed attitudes about guns you're continually feeding the criminal world with them. It needs to stop and the sorority sisters you mentioned are trying to help.
What do you think? Do the pro-gun guys purposely misunderstand what we're getting at? As soon as any gun control initiatives are mentioned, they start crying about losing their rights, as if the simplest restriction immediately leads to total gun bans.

What's your opinion? Please leave a comment.


  1. We already have enough gun laws on the books, too many really, but it is what it is. The problem is that the laws that are on the books, aren't enforced. And another thing, criminals aren't going to "ask permission" before buying a gun on the black market.

  2. Sorry, Mike, that's a simplistic and short-sighted view of a serious problem. I do agree that enforcement needs to be improved, but the patchwork of laws we have now in spite of being numerous, are far from enough. They need to be consistent and strict. The result would be that criminals won't be able to buy guns on the black market because in many cases it won't even be there. Straw purchasing could be virtually eliminated. Theft could be reduced. Please take note that those two major sources of guns available on the blace market are due to lawful gun owners failing to act responsibly.

    1. no matter how strict your laws, gun theft will always take place. There have been gun stolen from police officers homes that had them locked in a safe when he was on duty......what exactly do you expect people to do with their guns?

      if someone wants your stuff, and you are at work they are going to get it.

      Also guns get imported, thats a problem with our border security which i also believe needs to be tightened up immensly!

    2. We're not talking about eradicating the problem 100%. We're talking about diminishment. Gun flow into the criminal world could be significantly hindered, but you don't want that. Why?