Sunday, May 27, 2012

Latest Gun Control Polls from Florida

The Miami Herald reports the latest polls.

The law's strongest support comes from the state's most-rural and conservative areas, North Florida and the Panhandle, where 65 percent favor "stand your ground" and 30 percent oppose it. The least support was in liberal South Florida, Trayvon's home, where 46 percent favor it and 44 percent oppose it. 

Generally, when it comes to gun control, the poll shows 51 percent oppose stricter laws and 45 percent favor them. A narrower segment of the electorate, 49 percent, say Tampa should be allowed to temporarily ban guns during the RNC convention while 46 favor the idea. Voters from the Tampa Bay region are the most-inclined to favor the temporary RNC ban.
Maybe Florida's not so bad after all. For The Most Baneful State in the Country, those poll numbers don't seem so bad.

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  1. The numbers aren't so bad, since our side's winning on all of them, but we need to do better. I'd be happier with 75% on everything.

  2. Florida and Arizona are in a race to be the most violent states with the most shootings. Apparently 51% of Floridians are fine with this.

  3. The fact that Florida's violent crime rate has been dropping must be an itch that you can't scratch, especially since that drop has happened in the years since shall-issue concealed carry became the law of the state.

  4. Greg, there are lots of reasons why a crime rate might be going down even while things are getting worse.

    1. I didn't say that concealed carry is the cause of the decline in crime. I said that it has happened at the same time. In other words, concealed carry hasn't caused a rise in crime. But how can you say that things are getting worse, if the crime rate is falling? Oh, right, things are worse because private citizens are owning and carrying guns. Not that they're doing anything wrong with them; they're just owning and carrying them.

      I call that better, by the way.

    2. "Not that they're doing anything wrong with them" are you saying never, they NEVER do anything wrong.

      No, even you couldn't be saying that. It's a question of vast majority vs. the bad ones. I say the bad ones are too many and they could easily be identified in many cases with no interference to you and your rights.

      But, you don't want that, Greg. Why?

    3. 1. The numbers are too small to justify the changes that you want. You conflate carry license holders with anyone who carries a gun, but that's not correct. Criminals carry guns without a license. We licensees carry with a license. We exceedingly rarely commit crimes. You refuse to acknowledge that, but it's a fact.

      2. The changes that you want would take away my rights. You would take away my legal ability to carry. You would insist on registering my guns. You would insist on sending me to a shrink to get permission to own a gun. You refuse to acknowledge the burden that your proposals would be.

    4. The changes I want, like what exactly? No private sales without a background check? Your having to be licensed? Your having to register newly bought guns? Your having to pass a mental health background check?

      Are they really that onerous?

    5. Yes, damn it, yes. I don't know about you, but I have work to do. I also don't have piles of cash lying about to subsidize the life of a bunch of shrinks and bureaucrats. I also don't want the government to have the ability to change its mind and take back what it gave. Why can't you get this?

      I just went through the process to renew my truck's license plate tags for the year. I had to go to the assessor first, then the collector who is a different person from the assessor and then to the DMV bureaucrat who was different from the first two. That's a small example of how stupid things get when we have to seek permission and authorization from the government.

      What you don't seem to understand is that Americans will tolerate only so much government before they collectively go nuts What you also don't seem to understand is that having to go through piles of bullshit to exercise one's rights tells us about the attitude that you and the government hold about rights.

      Have you been gone from this country so long that you don't understand? If so, why don't you just enjoy the society that you've chosen, and leave mine alone?