Saturday, June 2, 2012

Shop owner Guilty of Recklessness in Gun Show Incident

Pentagraph has the follow-up to a story we covered when it happened.

An Urbana pawn shop dealer was found guilty Friday of reckless conduct in the February 2011 accidental discharge of a weapon at a gun show in Bloomington.

Robert Rigdon, 74, of St. Joseph was accused of failing to check the guns he brought to the sale from the Gold & Diamond Exchange Pawn Shop Inc. to make certain they were not loaded. A mini-14 semiautomatic rifle went off while a Washington man was holding it, striking three others during the Egyptian Gun Collectors Show at the former Bloomington Sale Barn.

The guilty verdict followed a bench trial where the facts of the case were stipulated, meaning Rigdon made no admission of guilt. He faces up to a year in jail, fines of $2,500 or probation when he is sentenced July 5.
But, what does that mean for his gun rights? In the state of Indiana, aren't these things routinely bargained down to a point at which gun rights are retained, in spite of the fact that the guy has proven himself to be a danger?

Maybe this flaky bench trial in which he makes "no admission of guilt" is designed for that very purpose.  

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  1. One strike and you're out. He should lose his gun rights and any ability to sell guns. It's so freakin' obvious.

  2. If a car dealership has an accident, does the same reasoning apply? Perhaps you gun control advocates are going to provide this man and his family a living, now that you've gleefully supported taking away the one that he had? Didn't think so.

  3. Year in prison, not jail most likely means a felony conviction=loss of gun rights, even if he gets probation, batfe looks very harshly on convicted felons and their FFL's, even pawn shop owners need FFL's.

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