Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Mayor of the Most Dangerous City in the US, Mitch Landrieu, is Outraged

via Protest Easy Guns


You know what, after watching The Wire a couple of times, these interviews with the police chief and mayor don't seem the same as they used to.

Did you get the impression that these guys are talking about bringing these particular shooters to justice, but not about addressing the problem as a whole?

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  1. What did they call the shooters--thugs and cowards. Even the man from CeaseFire, with is the Oregonian's sister organization, no? The mayor also said that the police can't take care of this alone.

    Since we're all in agreement now, can we stop talking about gun control, which has been demonstrated to be useless, and discuss ways to stop thugs?

    1. The idea that the police can't do it alone meant they need people to drop dimes, not to go around with guns like you do.

      But you knew that and you tried to pass that line off as something it wasn't.

      I know you're enthusiastic, but you should check your honesty, Greg.

    2. I have no doubt that what the cop meant was what you said, but the words that he said, taken just in themselves, are true as well.

      But you've avoided discussing the main point. You've now seen plenty of evidence that gun control doesn't work. Are you ready to move on to something useful?

  2. This here is a situation that you find yerself in when the police go about abusing the public, they don't want to help you. Although, it's not all Mich's fault, that mess was left by "Chocolate City" Ray.