Monday, April 30, 2012

Accidental Shooting of Alabama Turkey Hunter by his Buddy - No Charges

The Anniston Star reports

An accidental shooting in Knighten’s Crossroads landed one man in an area hospital Saturday, authorities said.

Two men were hunting in full camouflage near the intersection of U.S. 278 and Roy Webb Road early Saturday when one took aim at a turkey and peppered his partner’s face with a shotgun blast instead.

The shooter took the victim to Gadsden Regional Medical Center where the injured man was treated for injuries described as “non-life-threatening,” said Matthew Wade, chief deputy for the Calhoun County Sheriff’s Office.

The victim suffered injuries to his right arm, the left side of his neck and right eye, a sheriff’s deputy’s report states.

The report states that the victim and the shooter “are long time hunting buddies and have turkey hunted together on numerous occasions.”
Again with the camouflage while turkey hunting. Again with the violation of the 4 Rules of Gun Safety. What is wrong with these guys.


  1. " one took aim at a turkey and peppered his partner’s face with a shotgun blast instead."

    Dick Cheney's out hunting, again?

  2. Wild turkeys can see in color.

    1. Fine, all the more reason for following the Safety Rules, am I right?

  3. I suspect that most if not all birds have color vision as its an aid to their spotting their food, mating and predator avoidance. Most birds have no sense of smell making vision that much more important. I'd say mikeb302000's comment above this one is spot on. If you're going to engage in walking around with a gun, camouflaged, in the bushes and not follow all the rules--not just the Sacred Four, then getting yourself shot at, sooner or later is rather likely.