Friday, May 4, 2012

Domestic Shooting in CA - Federal ICE Agent Killed by his 14-Year-old Son

Local Fox News reports

A federal agent and Navy veteran was shot as he sat in his family room, killed by a bullet that came from outside through a window. Authorities say the bullet came from his own gun and it was fired by his 14-year-old son.

The boy called 911 to report the shooting of his father, Special Agent Myron Chisem, 42, a five-year veteran of U.S Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Los Angeles County sheriff's officials said Thursday.
The son was later arrested and booked for investigation of murder. Neither the boy's name nor any possible motive was released.

"Evidence gained from the scene and statements made by the suspect" led to the arrest, sheriff's Lt. Holly Francisco said. The handgun used in the shooting belonged to Chisem and it was found in the front yard, she said.
Sad story. I wonder why they didn't call it an accident?


  1. "I wonder why they didn't call it an accident?"

    Maybe because it wasn't? They charged him with murder based upon evidence at the scene.

  2. Seems like the kid is right on the cusp of the age where he MUST be prosecuted as an adult, if the murder charge includes "Aggravated" in its title.

    Too bad it's not Florida or one of the other gunlightened states where the teenoperp could be charged as an adult if he was as young as 12.

    Boys with issues, boys with gunz.