Monday, April 30, 2012

April Crime in Richmond Virginia

Local news reports

Thirty-one people have been shot in Richmond in April, five of them fatally. Police say that the 31 shootings in the capital city are the most in any one month in at least years. It was the deadliest month in Richmond since 2007.

At least nine of this month's shootings occurred during robberies. The shooting toll does not include suicides or accidental shootings. Law enforcement officials say April tends to be a violent month. Since 2007, more people were shot in April on average than in any single month.

One reason, among many, is the warmer weather. A city prosecutor, Michael E. Hollomon, said the April violence is in contrast to February and March, months that each saw single-digit shooting totals.

Ya get that, it's the warmer weather. It has nothing to do with the lax gun laws and the ease with which Richmond criminals can get guns.

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  1. So you're claiming that the gun laws were tighter during the winter months? Or why don't we look at the correlation between lawn mower usage and shootings? Having to mow the grass always makes me grumpy, and I'm a gun owner. There must be a link.

  2. I was going to say the same thing and Greg beat me to the punch. Everyone knows that criminals in Virginia have the same access to guns in February as in April. What this article illustrates is that many factors affect crime rates. Apparently weather has a much greater impact than all of the gun control laws in the world.