Thursday, May 3, 2012

J.T. Ready Among 5 Dead in Arizona Shooting


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  2. mikeb302000:

    I suggest that you start a new feature here:

    "You might be a mikeb302000, '10%er, if...".

    I'll give you a couple to start off, from the Tuscon Citizen's story on the murder-suicide* involving J.T. Ready. All quoted passages are from here (

    Here we go:

    You might be a mikeb302000, "10%er" if you're, "a “mover and shaker” for the National Socialist Movement, a neo-Nazi group with about 330 members nationwide."

    You might be a mikeb302000, "10%er" if you've, "advocated restoring the country as a “White, European homeland,” called for militant action against Jews and advocated using “lawful, deadly force” when appropriate to protect the Mexican border."

    You might be a mikeb302000, "10%er" if you, "received a bad-conduct discharge from the Marines in 1996, after being court-martialed twice — once for larceny and going AWOL, and once for conspiracy and assault."

    You might be a mikeb302000, "10%er" if you, "traded shots with an illegal immigrant whom Ready believed was involved in criminal activity. Nobody was hurt.".

    I just wanted to interject a little humor into what is obviously a tragic situation. It appears that Ready had no family of his own to murder, so he borrowed someone else's.

    There is a huge difference between the story about J.T. Ready and Junior Seau. Decent people will miss Junior Seau.

    I'm sure that the gunzloonz will be along to say that people like J.T. Ready ARE crimnulz and that they will NEVER get to own no weppins, nomo, nomo.

    * "J.T. Ready, the avowed White supremacist and militant critic of illegal immigration who authorities believe was the gunman in Wednesday’s multiple murder-suicide in Gilbert..."

    1. You have to be pretty far right if you're too extreme for Arizona's extremists.

      Thanks for the link, democommie.

    2. democommie, I need to revamp that 10% article. For now though we can consider "10%ers" a euphemism for the "30%ers."