Monday, April 30, 2012

GRANNY GET YOUR GUN! - Watch what happens when Granny packs a Gaydar Gun to a wedding.

"Finally, a reason for gay people to join the NRA"

... Scott Kearnan, BAY WINDOWS

I wonder if Michele bought one?


  1. Michele Bachmann's husband Marcus - not Mark, MAHRCusss - is a standing joke here in MN. No one except those Republicans who are working overtime to pretend he's straight think he is anything but gay.

    I understand that Jimmy Kimmel made a joke about Marcus at the big Correspondents dinner gig over the weekend.

    This is hilarious, absolutely hilarious. I should check this company out to see if there is some way to do a tie in for their product to some of the anti-marriage equality amendment that the homophobes here are promoting. This has some serious possiblities for silly but effective application in making the point of how poor the conservative (missionary) position is.

  2. Pathetic--but apparently, being fat and white is acceptable, so long as the person's on your side.