Sunday, April 29, 2012

I kin haz teh bunkerz?

Well, another survivalizt bitez the dust:

I'm sure it was something that no one could have foreseen happening, a guy with a fetishistic love for teh gunz and delusional tendencie plus a little garden variety adequacy and anger management issues. Until he popped his cork, he was just another Citizen Soldier of the 2nd Amendment Militia.

One of the problems* faced by the CSot2ndAMis that they are diffuse and without any apparent command and control structure. They stand ready to repel the invading Obamanannybootedjackthugs, but they are in small groups. They got some waycool gunz, but nothing bigger than a .50 cal machine gun in most cases.  Those A-10's that mikeb302000 posted about earlier? they're quite well suited to hunting down people that they can't see, because the 30mm cannon they carry kills anyting that it hits unless they're in a pretty hard site. And it takes more than a burst from a BMG to bring one down. That's what the hunter-killer squads of the FEMADHS will be using, fellas, not a few guyz with M-16 notmainbattleriflecarbines.

*  The primary problem for many of them is that they're teh batshit KKKrazzee


  1. I don't know what makes you so screwed up, but whatever it is, it works.
    orlin sellers

  2. You were drunk when you wrote this, weren't you, demokkkommie?

  3. Keep posting demo, you make are work soooo easy.

  4. Batshit crazy, works for me in describing (many) gun owners.

  5. Democommie, I realize that English isn't your native language, so could you get someone to translate for you? I'm not fluent in Moron.

  6. Awwwww, poor "Anonymouse", him not gettin' any "props" cuz him too full of shit/cowardly to use even a blognomen.

    orlin sellers:

    You mean you need help in the way of being fucked up. I don't think so.

    "Democommie, I realize that English isn't your native language, so could you get someone to translate for you? I'm not fluent in Moron."

    Greg Camp, once again tells a LIE and presents it as a fact. Greggins; I was speaking my native tongue, english, about twenty years before you were born. I actually do know how to speak, read and write it--at least well enough to get through school and the intervening 40+ years from then till now. Otoh, whether or not priggish clowns that teach the language (yet, more's the pity, suffer from a lack of reading comprehension) approve of what I do when addressing their idiotic contentions about the necessity of hazzin' teh gunz in every room of the house, in their motor vehicle and on their person 24/7 is not something I really give much of a fuck about.

    I love it when there are six comments; one of which is in agreement--thus requiring no elucidation by its author and five which are devoid of any content that speaks to the post but simply the whining of the indignoratti.

    1. Democommie, I understood that you were to write at least the titles in English, not in Moron. But once again, you can't figure out what the word "lie" means. You can't comprehend the difference between a statement of fact and a statement of sarcasm, but you criticize my reading comprehension?

      Here's a bit of free English teaching for you: Go read "Hamlet," Act II, scene ii. You should recognize yourself in Polonius.

  7. Read Hamlet a long, long time ago, Greggins.

    1    [lahy] noun, verb, lied, ly·ing.

    1. a false statement made with deliberate intent to deceive; an intentional untruth; a falsehood.

    2. something intended or serving to convey a false impression; imposture: His flashy car was a lie that deceived no one.

    3. an inaccurate or false statement.

    4. the charge or accusation of lying: He flung the lie back at his accusers.

    You keep telling me that I don't know what a lie is. You're wrong, I'm quite well aware of what a lie is; it's what comes out of your computer in most of your comments. Sorry, son, your lying is for you to deal with--I will keep on helping you by pointing out your fucking LIES each time that I read one.

    1. And yet you continue calling me "son," even though I'm not related to you. It's fascinating to watch you quote the definition of lie while you clearly don't comprehend what you're reading. You have yet to show that I've said anything that I knew to be false. The example above is an illustration of your inability to understand what you read. I was clearly being sarcastic, but you called it a lie. Why don't you just admit to having been stupid?