Thursday, May 3, 2012

GM is Alive - Bin Laden is Dead

via Southern Beale where you can see those famous and hilarious pictures of former-President Bush at his best.


  1. Unfortunately, Afghanistan is still a mess, and General Motors hasn't been reorganized into a company that makes the interests of its workers and America at least as important as the interests of its stockholders. So Mikeb, why are you amused at this bumpersticker philosophy, as the Man from Oregon called it? By the way, the joke came from Joe Biden.

  2. Yeah, I got a question, re OBL, why should Obama get any credit for doing what any other president would have done, Oh!!!! except for Bill Clinton....

    And I gots me another question, why should we sing the praises of BHO (PbuH) for ripping off the bond holders of GM to enrich the thieving redistributionists at the UAW......

    AOBO'12 (Any One But Obama 2012)

  3. Did Obama pull the trigger to kill Osama? Well, no.
    Did he even deploy with the SEALs? Um, no.
    Did he help plan the raid? Guess not.
    He assisted with the analysis of the intelligence pointing to Osama's location, didn't he? Huh-uh.
    Well, then he must have helped gather said intelligence, right? Nope.
    Well, what the actual fvck did he do? He, um, said "okay, go for it."
    Give me a fvcking break. Giving Obama any credit for the death of OBL is like giving Bush the Younger any credit for the death of Saddam.