Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Accidental Shooting of Illinois Teen - Shooter Arrested

The News Gazette reports

An Urbana teen is in police custody for accidentally shooting his cousin in the knee over the weekend.

William L. Ayres Jr., 19, was arrested late Monday morning.

2:30 p.m. Saturday, sheriff's deputies were dispatched to a call on Prairie Green in which an 18-year-old man claimed to have been shot in a drive-by shooting.

"William was playing with a gun as they were sitting in a room listening to music." 

Because of a prior conviction, Ayres is not allowed to possess a weapon.
Is an 19-year-old ever allowed to own a gun in Illinois? Even if he didn't have a prior conviction, would his owning a gun be legal?

 It seems like the prior conviction is the thing that got him arrested, not the mis-handling of the gun.

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  1. Mike- In order to purchase a weapon in Illinois. You must have your F.O.I.D. card. In Illinois, you must be 21 to obtain the card. However, you can get one at 18 years old if your parent(s) grant permission.

  2. I forgot, the prior conviction is what brought the charges. I don't think that's just Illinois though. Do other states allow convicted felons to legally own firearms?

    1. No, and if they did, Federal law also bans felons from owning guns. Of course, that does so much good. . .