Friday, May 4, 2012

$99 Xbox

Recommended by Anders Breivik


  1. Most rapists, and democommie, support disarming potential victims. Rapists and democommie recommend gun control.

  2. Oh, I see that the gutless piece of shit sockpuppet anonymouse is having himself a time. Enjoy it Weerdybeerdy. Whenever you grow a set of balls you can start using your blognomen, again--or are you still "boycotting" this blog?

    1. I agree. Everyone on this page should use a blognomen so we know exactly who they are!

  3. Oh, that's right, there was comment thread here.


    Jeroen Rink received the email manifesto announcing Breivik’s plan to carry out attacks last Friday just hours before the Norwegian killed 76 people.

    He had regularly played the internet war games the Call of Duty and the World of Warcraft with the far-right mass killer before talking about politics.

    Mr Rink told De Telegraaf newspaper that they found more than a shared interest in violent games after they discussed their mutual admiration for Geert Wilders, a popular Dutch anti-Islam politician."

    is from here (

    I don't think that the average gunzloon or anyone else is driven to kill by violent video games. I sure don't think that Brevik is what anyone would consider normal (I could be very, very wrong about that, considering some of the comments made on this blog, by teh gunzloonz). But, ultimately, it wasn't violent video games or his insanity that made it possible for him to kill so many people. It was his callous indifference to taking human life and his swell KKKollection of gunz.

  4. so mike - will your son be getting this game in the future?