Sunday, June 10, 2012

Accidental Shooting Death Gets Shooter Eleven Years

Jamese Hudson, the victim
What do you think? Eleven years sounds a bit heavy for an "accident." What could account for the tremendous disparity in sentencing between this case and so many others?

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  1. This is type of thing that creates disparity in the sentence:

    “Friends don’t point a gun at a friend’s face and pull the trigger,” he said. “Friends don’t run out of the room and not check on the victim’s medical condition. A friend would call 911.”

    Fischer recalled Chiclana wasn’t there “while your ‘friend’ was lying bleeding to death in your apartment.” He added, “Then you had a shower and a smoke at your boyfriend’s house while your ‘friend’ lies dead in your apartment. You are not a friend to Jamese Hudson.”