Friday, June 15, 2012

Accidental Shooting of Georgia 4-Year-old by Herself - Parents Arrested

Local news reports with video

Gwinnett County police have charged a Snellville couple with child cruelty after their 4-year-old got a hold of a gun and grazed herself with a bullet.

The girl's father told Channel 2's Kerry Kavanaugh he didn't think the wound was very severe, so he never took the child to the doctor.

Police said two days had passed before a family friend called police.
What's your opinion? Black or white, 20-years-old or 50-years-old, this young man did what any good father would do. When staying in a motel with the family, you need to have a gun handy for protection. It's not his fault if his little girl got ahold of it.

In fact, I'll bet he'd instructed his kids to never touch daddy's gun. What else could he do?

The story makes you wonder how many kids suffer minor injuries that are never reported.  That kinda takes the weight out of the pro-gun argument that there are so few.

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  1. Where the heck did the bullet go after grazing the kid?

    I wonder how many times this guy told people how safe he was with his firearm, and how often he insisted that he was in full control of his weapon at all times?

    Until he wasn't.

    I wonder if this jerk liked to wear his weapons stuck in his belt or pants waistband?