Saturday, June 16, 2012

Something "lite"

Things here tend to get hot and heavy with the gun rights rubbish--here's a diversion that I am cross posting from my blog about Ukrainian Footballer Andriy Shevchenko (well, it beats the Holodomor!):



OK, I am listening to the news and they are talking about Andriy Shevchenko who is someone I should know as he played for Chelsea, but they are talking about Ukraine's favourite son, Shevchenko. For some reason, the image of Ukrainian Poet Taras Shevchenko come to my mind. That's the fun of radio is that your mind can come into play.

But, it seems all the more significant that another Shevchenko is important to the Ukraine!

Forgive me if I imagine a bandura chorus heralding Shevchenko's every goal--especially if he is the poet!

Dog Gone commented:

great – speaking of random and whimsical imagination, I now am imagining the poet Schevchenko running around in a long heavy coat, with the big bushy hat on his head in the portrait, and big boots, playing soccer against cossacks on horseback, where the goal is two posts with dissimilar little domes on top of them like two of the domes on the towers of St. Basil’s cathedral in Russia…

Blogging and radio – both prompt some surprising mental images!

To which I responded:
No crazier than having a old poet winning the football match!

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