Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Missouri Man Gets Away With Attempted Murder

The News Tribune reports

The confrontation happened May 26 in O’Fallon, a St. Charles County town about 30 miles west of St. Louis. The driver was in a car with his wife and 9-year-old grandson. Two motorcycles pulled up alongside, driven by a 49-year-old St. Louis County man and his wife. When all three vehicles tried to make a left turn into the same lane, there was a near collision and an exchange of words.

After the vehicles stopped at another light, the male motorcyclist walked up the driver’s side window of the car. As he did, the driver pulled a semiautomatic .380-caliber handgun from the glove box and placed it in his lap — unbeknownst to the motorcyclist. The argument escalated — both sides said they were spit upon.

Eventually, the motorcyclist punched the driver in the face. The driver then fired a single shot, drove his wife and grandson home and then went to the police station.
Only gun-friendly prosecutors in a gun-friendly state could make a decision like this. It is absolutely ludicrous that an incident like this should be called a legitimate DGU. But, as I've often pointed out, many of the so-called defensive shootings that go into those wild tallies we read about are actually criminal acts themselves.

Besides, what is a gun doing in the glove compartment of a car anyway.  The only secure place for a gun is on your person or home in your gun safe.

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  1. 1. Have you ever tried to draw a gun from a seated position? In a car, the easiest place to access the gun is often the glovebox.

    2. The motorcyclist escalated the incident, and the driver of the car defended himself. That's what the story looks like to me. I wasn't there, so I'm going on what's offered here. But we know that you don't really like the idea of self defense, so that explains your position.