Wednesday, June 13, 2012

NRA Losing Membership

Gosh, if you help to pass a law legalizing cop-killing--you're probably going to lose more than a few members:
Those who are intoxicated or emotional can't decide whether police are acting legally, and suspects may assume they have the right to attack officers, said Tim Downs, president of the Indiana State Fraternal Order of Police. The law didn't need to be changed because there isn't an epidemic of rogue police in Indiana, he said.
"It's just a recipe for disaster," said Downs, chief of the Lake County police in northwest Indiana. "It just puts a bounty on our heads."
Downs said he canceled his NRA membership after the organization pressed for the Indiana legislation.

Hubbard, the officer in Jeffersonville, in southeastern Indiana, said the law causes him to second-guess himself. He serves on the department's patrol division and is a member of its special weapons and tactics unit. The department serves "thousand" of warrants a year, he said.
"It puts doubt in your mind," said Hubbard, who served in the Marine Corps before joining the department. "And hesitation in our job can mean somebody gets hurt or killed."
Hubbard said he hasn't changed his approach to his job or noticed a difference in how civilians he encounters are behaving.
The law has changed Hubbard's view of the NRA.
He said he has been "a proud member of the NRA for years," and while he's still a member and NRA firearms instructor, "the day I found out the NRA was pushing behind this bill was the day I became a not-so-happy NRA member."


  1. I found a copy of a US magazine that had the I am the NRA ad ripped so that a picture of a hooded terrorist showed through instead of the "upstanding citizen".

    I really want to come up with an ad campaign like that,: criminals, terrorists, lunatics...

    ...Oh wait, look at the NRA's board.

    Deinstitutionalisation at its finest!

  2. Indiana's law does not give a citizen the right to shoot a cop except in one situation and that is, if they try to enter a person's home without a warrant. If the police do their job the way they should, they have nothing to fear from citizens! This law does not put a bounty on an honest cops head but it does threaten, the rogue, wild bill types that think a badge is a license to break the law. The law makers thought the law was needed and the NRA didn't get to vote!!!