Saturday, June 16, 2012

Vigil Against Gun Violence

Chuck's Gun shop in Riverdale, Illinois, the store being protested this weekend by Jesse Jackson is just outside of Chicago's boundaries; it has a long history of selling guns used in crimes. I've found news articles dating back a number of years about this place -- so why is this store still in business?  An example of such news stories is here  dating back to 2004.
One of the problems facing Chicago is that they have stringent gun regulation, but the areas surrounding the city have a lot of far less stringently regulated gun stores. One report claimed there are more gun stores in the U.S. than there are McDonald's, and the number in the areas adjoining the Chicago city boundaries are particularly high, often within a block or two of the city limits.

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    “ It appears after reading this book that Timmerman has done his homework and has the documented research to support his allegations.”,
    Anthony Cataldo

    “ This book proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that Jesse Jackson is nothing more than a "shakedown artist" and "povery pimp."”,
    D. A. Martin

    “ He has extorted various US businesses, incited riots, and has done everything except backflips to get his face on television at every conceivable opportunity.”,