Sunday, June 10, 2012

Hidden Criminal Attempts Suicide Rather than be Discovered reports

A Haslett man remained in critical condition today after shooting himself in the head during a traffic stop Thursday evening on a freeway interchange near Alma.

The driver was stopped for defective equipment on the southbound entrance ramp to U.S. 127 from M-57 in Washington Township about 6:50 p.m., the MSP said. 

He shot himself in the head with a small-caliber handgun before troopers could approach, they said.

Police said they did not know why the man shot himself.
Of course, he could have been suffering from some form of mental illness. Maybe he had nothing to hide.

Either way though, the gun availability made a big difference.

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  1. Since you admit that you know nothing about him, why do you call him a hidden criminal? Can't you see how slinging wild accusations without proof only weakens your already limp case?

  2. Wrong. The man was going to drive into the concrete pillars that hold up the overpass at 100 mph to insure his death. But he opted for the gun instead which saved his life.