Sunday, June 10, 2012

It came from the Daily Mail

From David Mitchell’s Piece in the Guardian:

Although, the people who cite the Daily Mail would prefer most people would just stop thinking!


  1. Pffffffffffffffffttttttttttttttt!

    This should have come with a warning so that the reader wouldn't be at risk for having their beverage come out their nose, from laughing and trying to swallow at the same time.

    I know all too well what you think of the Daily Mail - and rightly so, Laci.

    This is the same tabloid rag that had the gunners believing that it was an anti-terrorism law you couldn't buy more than two limes.

    Talk about lime-y tongue in cheek!

    I'm sure that the same crowd that thinks it makes sense to term feminists femi-nazis and who wage culture war on women will believe this.

    It is as bogus as the claim that abortions are linked to higher rates of breast cancer.

    Seriously, it is way past time that the right gets their head out of wherever they keep their brains these days, and get back in touch instead with objective reality and hard facts, not this crap they use in place of it.

    1. Dog Gone, you need to acknowledge your own biases here:

      1. You oppose gun ownership and carry. You label guns as penis substitutes and want them to be controlled.

      2. You support the right of a woman to have an abortion if she chooses without having to seek permission from the state.

      3. You have denegrated men for having testosterone.

      What we see here is that you don't really care about guns. You care about controlling men.

      I believe in the rights of all individuals, men and women, to make choices about themselves. I have no wish to put one group above another.

      And I don't quote from the Daily Mail, nor do I pay it much mind.

  2. Btw - who is Baroness Warsi, and how long has their been this hysteria about women with DD boobs having an epidemic of exploding French breast implants? And is it that the women of Essex are commonly characterized as big-boobed bimbos, a variation on big haired 'dumb blond' that we have here?

    This was hilarious. No guns involved, but hilarious...