Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Accidental Shooting Death of Alabama Woman by a Dropped Gun - No Charges Expected

Local news reports

A Somerville woman is dead after a possible accidental shooting.  The name of the victim has not yet been released but Sheriff Ana Franklin confirms that the victim's husband is being questioned.

"The husband has been transported to speak with investigators. We are doing a complete investigation just as we would anytime there is a possibility that there might have been foul play," explained Franklin.

Olene Dudley, the victim’s mother in law, lives next door to the couple and sat outside surrounded by friends and neighbors after learning her daughter in law had been killed. Dudley says police would not let her talk to her son, but family members told her what happened.
"He dropped the gun, they didn't even know it was loaded and it went off," she said. “She's just like my daughter. I had 3 sons so she is just like my daughter," she said of the victim.
We've had a rash of these "dropped gun" incidents lately. One in Kansas, another in North Carolina, and that's just in the last few days.

The funny part is how the gun-rights folks keep telling us it can't happen, that either these are very old weapons or the people are lying about how it happened.

I think it's obvious who's lying, and the funny part of it is the reason why.  Gun-rights advocates must feel they have to defend the good name of "guns."  They've got a lot invested in the bullshit story that a gun is just another tool, innocuous and utilitarian. They've spent decades trying to conceal from people that a gun has one purpose and that's to kill other humans.

Seen in it's stark truth, the gun is anything but "just another tool."

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  1. If I drop one of thsoe inocuous and utilitarian tools, a hammer, from a height onto your head, you'll have an adverse reaction, too. No one said that a gun isn't dangerous. But it's not as magically dangerous as you believe.

  2. "... a gun has one purpose and that's to kill other humans."

    Actually a gun has multiple purposes. Criminals and tyrants use them to force people do something they don't want to do. Citizens use them to discourage criminals and tyrants from trying to force citizens to do something they don't want to do. Still others use them to hunt wild game and provide meat for their family.

    Citizens are not responsible for the behavior of criminals and tyrants. Stop lumping citizens into the same group because they wish to be armed.

    1. Sure Capn, and you can hang a picture by driving a nail into the wall with the butt of your gun.

      "... a gun has one PRINCIPLE purpose and that's to kill other humans."