Friday, June 15, 2012

Buffalo Surgeon and War Veteran Kills Girlfriend

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Domestic abusers who own guns come in all shapes and sized. The one common thread is guns are bad news for women.

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  1. We have an estimated 3 murder / suicides a week where someone - far more often male than female - goes off his nut and shoots someone, and then leads police on a merry chase. These so very often end in the death of the shooter, often by self-inflicted gunfire after some form of stand off that also endangers or actually kills or injures law enforcement. I wonder if this will be one of those where the shooter also endangers innocent people as hostages or just people unlucky enough to be caught in crossfire.

    This guy could probably have killed his victim with his bare hands if he really wanted to do so. But firearms are strongly linked to lethal impulsivity where without this particular kind of weapon available, that is far less likely.