Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Accidental Shooting Death of Georgia Man

The Moultrie Observer

“According to witnesses, they were out there shooting a rifle,” sheriff’s investigator David Corona said. “They went searching for him and found him.”

“According to them they did have a get-together, and did have a few drinks, I guess,” Corona said.

Witnesses said that Ong was found in a wooded area near the pond.

Ong was hit in the head by a bullet, Brock said. The state medical examiner’s office performed an autopsy and released Tuesday the cause of death and its determination that the shooting was accidental.

“He was riding a four-wheeler,” Brock said. “He was in a thick-wooded area.

“It was just a fluke accident. It was just a very unfortunate accident.”
There is no such thing as a gun "accident." Every single one of these incidents involves the violation of at least one of the 4 Rules of Gun Safety.

What's your opinion? Should the so-called gun accidents be taken more seriously?

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  1. I knew "Ong" personally, Lee is what we called him in the city of Thomasville. He owned the Westside Mini Mart, and we are devastated by his death. Lee-aka-(Chink)really touched alot of young and old hearts. He was very generous, super funny, and just a all around good guy. We think that this wasnt an accident. I have known Ong for 12 years and I have never seen any of his family members in his store in thomasville, until a couple of months ago, his broher popped in the picture, weird guy, very weird and mean!!!!!This was by far an accident........