Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Stating the Obvious: Gunloons Tend to be Domestic Abusers

Surprise (Not):

A landmark 2003 study by a team of international researchers, led by Jacquelyn Campbell at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore and published in the National Institute of Justice Journal, compared two groups of battered women. One group included 220 who had been killed by their partners; the other group included 343 who had been abused, but not killed.
What the researchers pinpointed was that where a history of domestic violence exists, certain other factors vastly increase the likelihood that a victim will be killed.
Battered women who have been threatened or assaulted with a gun — even once — are 20 times as likely than other battered women to be murdered. Those who have been choked are 10 times more likely to be killed.


  1. What's obvious to control freaks isn't obvious to the rational population. What percentage of gun owners are abusers? Is that different from the general population by a significant degree? More importantly, how do you define gun loon?

  2. The problem with domestic abuse is that the victim (which is usually a woman), the abuser's family, and society all tolerate it.

    There are two simple solutions to domestic abuse:
    (1) At the first hint of abuse, the victim should immediately terminate that relationship and even relocate across the country if necessary.
    (2) For victims that fail to adhere to number (1) or when that isn't enough, the victims should be able to use hidden audio recorders and cameras to record the abuser's threats and/or physical abuse. The recordings should be prima facie evidence of abuse and facilitate instant and automatic conviction and imprisonment.

  3. What some of the commenters here are not mentioning is that some of the names of domestic abusers don't get to the NICS data base. They can buy guns legally. If not from licensed dealers, they can get them from the illegal market, straw purchasing, buy on the internet or from unlicensed sellers at gun shows where no background checks are required. Prevention is the key word here.

    1. How often are background checks performed at an illegal market? Why are you incapable of seeing that the only people who will be affected by your proposals are the very people who aren't a problem?

    2. Wrong, Greg, the hidden abusers and criminals would be affected as well.

    3. So, Mikeb, you'll go after millions to catch a couple thousand?