Tuesday, June 12, 2012

California Home Invasion - 4 Dead Including the Bad Guy

Local Fox News reports

The suspect in a California home-invasion robbery that left four people dead, including the gunman, was a paroled gang member suspected in a separate shooting earlier that day, police said Monday. 

Police identified 26-year-old Xue Lor as the suspect who fatally shot three people and critically wounded another before he was fatally shot during the attack in Sacramento around 10:30 p.m. Saturday.

Robbery appears to be the motive behind the killings, officials said.

Investigators believe Lor demanded money from the victims before he opened fire, killing a husband and wife who lived there, as well as a male guest identified as 33-year-old Lee Doua Cha.

Lor was shot by the dead couple's son, said Officer Michele Gigante, a Sacramento police spokeswoman. The son was not injured and is not under arrest, she said.
Mr. Xue Lor sounds like he was a good candidate for stiffer sentencing guidelines.  Plus, there's no denying he is the perfect example of why gun-rights folks preach what they do about home defense and stand-your-ground and all that.

The fact is however, this kind of incident is extremely rare. All the fear-driven preparations for such an unlikely event as this, result in untold numbers of "accidents," false DGUs and gun flow into the criminal world.

Overall, guns do more harm than good.

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  1. mikeb said..."The fact is however, this kind of incident is extremely rare"

    Yeah, except

    ..during four separate, but equally violent, home invasions in the city in a 24-hour period this weekend.


  2. Guns in the hands of bad people do more harm than good, but Mikeb, your proposals seek to disarm good people.

    1. Wrong, my proposals seek to disarm the unfit and irresponsible. Why do you defend them so? And why do you do it by lying about what my intentions are?

  3. "Overall, guns do more harm than good." What are your numbers and sources MikeB?

    1. Many sources plus a simple perusal of the daily news. From there it's easy.

  4. Why didn't the son call 911 first? Nobody would have been harmed because the police would have responded in time and arrested the criominal before he could shoot anyone. All the gun did was cause one more death. The son needs to be prosecuted for murder - what a vigilante he turned out to be.